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Have fun while learning and earning your way to become a Web3 TasteMakerz through a decentralized education guild. The project is backed by Animoca subsidiary, Forj with a mission to drive true Web3 adoption.

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Become Part of an Exclusive Community

TasteMakerz is a collective of members who not only want to learn, but to contribute learnings to the guild, for the benefit of everyone. A membership pass gives the holder access to story-driven quests, monthly research reports, industry-leading talks, and valuable insights covering everything from industry trends to specific project ecosystem developments.

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Our community of TasteMakerz have many benefits; two of the most highly anticipated ones are Quests and Live Streaming education. Whilst we can't yet reveal which industry leaders and backers we have lined up, we can say that the growth of the Yuga Labs IP ecosystem and Animoca Brands ecosystem have greatly influenced the creation of this guild. The rich storytelling and community-building of both ecosystems will greatly shape the project and its adoption.

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TasteMakerz governance

Our community of TasteMakerz will eventually govern the TasteMakerz DAO. The DAO will serve as a community-led vehicle to empower the growth and development of the TasteMakerz ecosystem and will deploy resources toward projects and initiatives that further the TasteMakerz mission. The DAO membership is open to all TasteMakerz, who will collectively help make decisions regarding the new quests, monthly reports, DAO treasury decisions, governance rules,  partnerships, and beyond.